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It might not seem that relationship counseling can come under the purview of psychiatry, but the link between crises in the home and deterioration in mental health must not be ignored.

When problems within a relationship become chronic, the accompanying stress can have a severe impact on patients who are already managing psychiatric problems. For example, someone who suffers from depression may find their depressive lows persist for longer, or are exacerbated in severity. Issues such as these are best served by an experienced medical professional like Dr. Malkin.

Unlike psychologists or therapists, who, despite being highly trained professionals in their field, cannot prescribe medication, Dr. Dmitry Malkin is able to provide a broad service that encompasses assistance with mental, behavioral and emotional issues arising from your relationship.

Interpersonal relationships are highly complex; even the best relationships can become problematic from time to time. In the following case study, we examine the progress possible when someone consults a trained psychiatrist like Dr. Malkin.

Case Study

  1. is a 28-year-old young woman working in human resources, who originally started seeing Dr. Malkin two years ago after her relationship of four years ended with her moving out of her boyfriend’s apartment. She was upset, frustrated, and depressed, as she felt she invested a lot in this relationship but could not stay in it any longer despite her best effort to do so. Her reasons for ending the relationship was her realization that over the two years her boyfriend was spending less and less time with her, preferring company of his friends. He also would not defend her against criticism of his family, and at times would contribute to it. Despite having ended the relationship and being well aware of the reasons why, she attempted to contact her ex-boyfriend several times to restart the relationship after the breakup – only to be rebuffed by him, leaving N. in tears, depressed and hopeless.

N revealed to me that prior to her last relationship, she was in two previous long-term relationships in which her boyfriends would ignore her and her wishes, would be critical of her and occasionally verbally abusive. She admitted that she stayed with them far too long and had great difficulty leaving. N revealed that she never felt comfortable or secure with herself, having been raised without a father by a mother that was not emotionally available and took only a cursory interest in her upbringing. Despite having achieved much both academically and professionally as well as having a close-knit circle of friends, N. admitted to deep-seated doubts about her own sense of self-value when it came to interpersonal relationships. N. would often seek out relationships where she would justify her own sense of worthlessness by gravitating to men who would either ignore, devalue or mistreat her. She would compromise on most things, in hope that she would please her partners so that they would recognize her self-sacrifice and treat her better. When their treatment of her did not improve, N. only felt worse about herself and her predicament.

Dr. Malkin and N. discussed her tendency to self- criticize and devalue, often irrationally – and how her childhood experience contributed to that tendency. Through sessions of therapy, N. realized that her sense of self-worth does not depend on validation of others and that she had many strengths which she would not previously recognize as such but was learning to. She finally ended her attempts at reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend, choosing to start dating with a newly discovered sense of self-caring and self-acceptance.

  1. is now in a committed relationship of nearly a year with a caring and supportive boyfriend, who is considerate of her and her wishes.

If you are troubled by your relationships, and want to talk to a caring, confidential and empathetic psychiatrist, make an appointment to see Dr. Malkin today.

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